Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Enjoyed stay in Shipshewana, Indiana

We thought of checking out living in an Amish community for 3 days, anticipating a simple life and small town atmosphere. We chose Shipshewana, Indiana because it's the heart of northern Indiana Amish country. It is in the township of Newbury, LaGrange County, Indiana. It's best known of its flea markets. Staying in this small town and feeling the atmosphere of living simple and a strong family ties was a wake-up call / realization for me. It's not what you have that will make you happy, it's how you live your life that will give you genuine happiness. Attending their festivities, you will see that they come as family, the joy and appreciation of the moment can be seen in their eyes. They are indeed very happy without the glamorous lifestyle and sorroundings. At 6pm, most establishments are already closed and during Sunday which shows a strong family values because they want all the members of the family be at home and together. I enjoyed our stay there, it's very calm, quiet and the sorroundings unloaded some of my stress. We have such awesome bonding especially when hubby was teaching my son how to swim because the indoor pool of where we stayed became exclusive to us so we have lots of time to stay.

The place where we stayed

 Yoder's Red Barn Shoppes
 Blue Gate Restaurant
 Amish's wagons
 Shopping Center
 Stores Inside Davis Mercantile
 Mixing their Ice-cream
 Live concert

 Farmstead Inn's indoor pool


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